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Remedial reading, or sometimes called Title 1 reading support, is available at Divine Mercy. Students chosen to receive these services are selected based on testing and teacher recommendation. Parents will be notified if their child is being considered for Title 1 reading support.


Title 1 Reading support can occur in the class, or with pull out groups to assist those students who need the most support. A primary emphasis is placed on younger elementary students. The class size for pull out groups is approximately 4-6 pupils per group.


Students use a variety of reading materials. Computers are utilized in the instruction of Title I students.


Adhering to the Ohio Academic Standards in reading, a balanced literacy approach is incorporated into instruction.  This incorporates direct phonics lessons and quality children's literature.  The teachers monitor sudent progress on a regular basis using DIBELS, MAP, and STAR benchmark assessments.  The groups are adjusted based on students with the greatest need after MAP testing is completed in the fall, winter, and spring.


The five major components that are targeted are: phonemic awareness, phonics, vocabulary, fluency, and reading comprehension.  These are areas identified by the National Reading Panel.



Exits can occur after the results of the winter MAP tests are reviewed (usually late January or early February). In order to exit the program, students must have the following:

  • Classroom teacher recommendation
  • Title I teacher recommendation
  • Grade level achievement, as measured by a standardized test in reading